Do you have a Positive Online Presence (POP®)? You deserve to be in control of your personal brand. Yet, we understand how difficult it is to find time to fit it in to your busy schedule. Social media has changed the game for business executives. Research shows consumers are making decisions based on online presence, yet the majority of executives aren’t owning their message. You can trust the Media Minefield experts to take this on for you, increasing the value of your personal brand and your company’s bottom line.

With POP, you can define your own brand. Social media is critical for communicating company messages, attracting employees and engaging current customers and employees. Our unique POP process delivers a thoughtful social media strategy. We create customized messaging for your social platforms, intentional content that always supports your overall communication goals.

A well-thought-out social media strategy is just one aspect of creating and maintaining a Positive Online Presence. Having an engaging website and incorporating paid media into your strategy will help take your online presence and reputation to the next level.

These days, digital drives business. Consumers are spending more and more time researching brands and business leaders online and on social media. Make sure they like what they see!

A CEO’s reputation is directly responsible for 44% of a company’s market value. –Forbes

Social Media

Who's in control here?

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Social Media

Our capabilities:

+ Social media strategy and audit

+ Strategic social media management and optimization

+ Social media posting, engaging and optimization training

+ Social media graphic creation

+ Style guide creation

+ Logo creation

Thought Leadership

+ Blog writing

+ Thought leadership content writing and pitching

+ Podcast launch messaging and strategy

+ Podcast coaching


+ Audit with content recommendations for consistent and concise messaging