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What did you do before you were a Miner?

I’m a born and raised Minnesotan, but I’ve spent the past 10 years in Wisconsin (Happy to be home!). I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point in 2014 with a degree in Communications – Media Studies. I started my career as an evening news producer of two shows in Wausau, Wis. at WSAW in March of 2015. In my time there, I pushed myself to learn everything I could about the news business and how to be a better producer and leader. I was eventually promoted to Senior News Producer and then Executive Producer.

What are three things people don’t know about you?

+ I lived in five states before I was five years old (Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Washington).

+ I’m a huge nerd about old, black and white movies.

+ I took French all four years of high school and my first year in college, and I can still speak a little bit (but it’s not very good!).

What would you tell your 20-year-old self?

Don’t worry so much. Everything is going to work out the way it is supposed to and you will find your place in this crazy world. Have a little faith and keep pushing yourself.

What are your favorite quotes?

+ “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!’” – Audrey Hepburn

+ “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. … It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

+ “Forget the risk, take the fall. If it’s meant to be, it’s worth it all.”

Guilty pleasure?

Food Network, any show, or “Tiny House Nation”!

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