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The Story






Media Minefield was sparked by a desire to connect brands to a missed opportunity in traditional media.

Here is a look at the journey so far.



Media Minefield is born.

After being laid off, Kristi took a class at her church to help figure out her next career move. With the goal of using news to help people, Media Minefield was born.

Our founder, Kristi Piehl, began her career in news. As a reporter and anchor, she worked at five different television stations and had the privilege of telling people’s stories. Her award-winning career also exposed her to the power of news and the frustrations of working with traditional public relations agencies who didn’t “get it”. The seed of Media Minefield was planted….

It began in‍‍‍ news.


From basement to coffee shop to office.

From the basement of Kristi’s house to a coffee shop, Media Minefield needed a real home and we moved into an office. We soon needed to move again into a bigger space as we continued gaining clients across the country.


Keeping a focus on culture.

Company culture takes shape and regular dress-up‍‍‍ days become a tradition. Beach Day. Super Hero Day. We’ve even had Johnny Depp dress-up day.



Get caped.

For our five year celebration, we unveiled a brand new logo and all the News Ninjas received capes. Now, News Ninjas get “caped” on their first anniversary when they share a favorite memory. 2015 was also the first year we were recognized as one of Minnesota’s Best Places To Work.



New digs.

It was time to design and move into our own long-term space complete with many newsie features, plenty of room to grow (or so we thought) and our own spin wheel (see careers page to watch it‍‍‍ in action).



Our 100% placement rate combined with our Newsability℠ process, means more companies, from startups to billion dollar brands, are turning to Media Minefield for earned media. We are expanding and adding to our current office space.

Ring that bell.

Each time a client interview was scheduled, a News Ninja would ring the blue bell. Everyone would come out of their office and cheer. That is, until there were complaints of too many ringing bells!

The first News Ninja.

The first year, Kristi developed the approach by discounting and donating services. Quickly word of the results spread and employee #1 was hired. (Spoiler alert: it’s Andrea McMaster and she’s still with the company).

Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.




Newsability℠, the innovative service crea‍‍‍ted in 2010 and critical to our success, is officially named and protected!

2012 - 2015

Our Home.

Stay tuned!

Core Values Award

2017 was also the year we unveiled the first annual Core Values Award. This prize is an all-expense paid trip for two to a sunny destination! News Ninjas at Media Minefield are nominated by a fellow Ninja for an act exemplifying the Core Values we hold dear. The winner is chosen and awarded at the annual Christmas party.

Congratulations to Meagan Millage for winning the award in 2017!